Lesbian Couple Kicked Out Of Aly & AJ Concert For ‘Kissing’ — & Fans Are LIVID!

It was supposed to be a day of LGBTQ+ pride when Aly & AJ performed at the Alameda County Fair in California — but, unfortunately, not everyone was feeling the love.

A lesbian couple were seemingly kicked out of the concert — as well as the entire fair — for “kissing” during the duo’s set on Saturday. 

The couple later took to Twitter to share more details, claiming they were “barely touching” when a security guard told them they needed to “stop touching each other” because “there were children” present.

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They went on to explain that they tried to get the sisters’ attention as “4 – 6” security guards approached them and escorted them out of the event, while repeatedly calling them “disgusting.” They wrote in the post:

We have never felt so uncomfortable being ourselves in our entire lives. We felt unsafe. We were scared.”

Fans were naturally outraged, seeing as the musical duo are huge allies and have been raising money for the LGBT community throughout pride month. 

You can see the crowd booing security in the video (below):

Um… WTF?

This isn’t a Trump rally, it’s an Aly & AJ concert. If we can’t be publicly gay here, where can we!?

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Apparently, there’s some confusion as to what happened. According to the couple, security claimed that Aly & AJ “both wanted to leave” the concert — however, fans in the front row said the sisters didn’t know what was happening until they saw messages typed on the fans’ phones.

After realizing what was going on, Aly Michalka gave a direct message to security from the stage, telling the guards to cut that homophobic nonsense out. 

She said:

“So, security, please do not do that. This is a pride event and we should be able to be whoever we are and do whatever we want. Alright, good job. I like that. This is why we have to stick up for each other.”

See for yourself (below): 

Great response, sis. However, the duo has still yet to address the controversy on Twitter, despite the couple having tweeted their sad story directly at the Disney alums. Instead, the band made sure to remind fans they were raising money for LGBTQ+ awareness.

Do U think the sisters will speak out about this?

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