Late Jansen Panettiere got CPR from friends as dad arrived on scene

The Hollywood star’s death was announced on February 19, after the 28-year-old’s body was discovered in his apartment just outside of New York City. A heartbreaking police report is now painting a chilling picture of what happened on Sunday afternoon as friends desperately tried to revive the Walking Dead actor.

News of Jansen’s death shocked fans, friends and family on Monday, and his sister Hayden, 33, is reportedly “inconsolable”.

It was three of Jansen’s friends, who have been identified as Benjamin Brown, Joe Fails and Lars Arianti, that found the star in his home.

The trio originally began to worry about Jansen when he didn’t show up to a meeting and they decided to check his Nyack residence.

When they arrived, the friends saw Jansen “sitting upright in a chair unresponsive” according to the police report obtained by Daily Mail.

Immediately the trio reacted as one dialled 911, another called Jansen’s father and another started performing CPR.

Jansen and Hayden’s father, Alan Panettiere, arrived on the scene while Benjamin was doing chest compressions on his son.

When EMTs arrived at the property Jansen had been laid down on the living room floor, was not breathing and “cold to the touch with lividity”.

Jansen was pronounced dead on arrival at 5:11pm, with “no obvious signs of trauma”.

Alan told the EMTs that he had spoken to Jansen the night before and that he had “sounded okay”.

Jansen’s cause of death is yet to be determined.

A source told the Daily Mail shortly after news of Jansen’s death had been announced that he had been “having a rough time lately with his career”.

They claimed that Hayden is “just inconsolable” at the loss of her “best friend and her only brother”.

The actor was a burgeoning artist as well, describing on his art shop website how he had been left disheartened by Hollywood and was turning to painting as a form of therapy.

The bio on Jansen’s website reads: “After spending time in LA as an adult he was ridden with terrible anxiety and depression.

“This period in his life eventually produced a spiritual clarity that drove him to start painting his problems, one by one.

“With more than 50 pieces, Jansen continues to heal himself as well as others with his visceral and emotive work.”

The day before his death, Jansen shared a snap of his new artwork, and the muse who inspired it, Catherine Michie.

Catherine penned a heartbreaking tribute to the star on Instagram on Monday, sharing a collection of pictures with the late star saying: “I met you only a year ago, but you have been my best friend and biggest fan. I will never forget the first time I saw your face and the first things you said to me.

“Words cannot express the pain of knowing I won’t hear your laugh again. I hope you find peace, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me most.

“The world is better because you were in it. I know we will paint together again someday. I’ll always be your sugarpop.

“Someone wake me up and tell me this is a dream.”

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