Larissa Lima SILENCES Body-Shaming Troll Who Called Her “Plastic”

90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima has quashed surgery rumors when they’re wrong but will happily tell people what work she has had done.

After her latest post about her cosmetic procedures, a hateful troll tried to roast her. Larissa’s clapback was deafening.

“Corona is everything in the news,” Larissa begins a recent post by acknowledging, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

“But now,” she announces, “I’m going to talk about my biggie changes I’ve made.”

Larissa writes that she has undergonet hse changes “to achieve the lookie of my dreams.”

“Maybe that is your dream, or what you like to see,” she suggests.

“What I like are biggie lips,” Larissa details, “and a very defined and contoured face.”

“‘Natural is best,’ I’m told so often,” she notes.

“Delicate colors, no red lipstick,” Larissa recalls being told.

“Natural is not me,” she writes, “and it never was.”

“How can I stand the pain? It’s all relative,” Larissa explains, referring ti discomfort from cosmetic procedures.

“If I want it, I can tolerate it,” she expresses. “No regrets.”

That’s quite the attitude!

“I’m trying to be a Kardashian/ Jenner?” Larissa recalls being told, replying: “Bitch, please!”

“I did not come this far to look like someone else,” Larissa affirms.

“It is not easy exposing myself for who I am to millions with Cosmetic alterations,” she shares.

“Perhaps you find me sad and insecure,” Larissa acknowledges.

“The thing is,” she continues, “I’m really happy with my changes and confident enough to tell you all about it soon.”

“Much has been said that I have veneers or teeth whitening treatments,” Larissa acknowledges.

She clarifies: “I have not!!”

“Botox fixed my gummy smile by relaxing the muscles,” Larissa shares.

She adds: “My teeth look prettier and whiter now.”

One hateful troll commented, trying to ruin Larissa’s day by repeating the same hate that she’s been getting for years.

“Girl, you look so plastic but I guess that’s what’s attractive nowadays hahaha,” the rude comment reads.

Larissa took one look at the hater’s profile and clapped back: “Says the person with Snapchatee, a.k.a plastic filters.”

That’s both a good point and a good burn.

The only legitimate criticism that fans might have of Larissa’s cosmetic procedures would be an accusation of bad timing.

Bragging about having work done on your body is odd when families are forced out of work by a devastating global illness.

But as we have reported in the past, it is believed that many of the procedures that Larissa has undergone were performed for free or at a discount.

The idea is that Larissa’s detailed Instagram posts about them were a form of advertisement, and that she was compensated with cosmetics.

On a less superficial note, Larissa Lima shared some wonderful news on Friday, March 20.

“Today I got my work permit!!!!!” Larissa announced on Instagram.

“Now,” she celebrated, “I can work legally!!”

“I’m very happy, since my divorce I’m been struggling a hard time,” Larissa admitted.

She acknowledged that she had been “counting with my parents and friends to help” for a long time.

Now, she can work for herself. Hooray!

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