L.A. Driver Asks If Anyone Wants to Die While Pointing Gun, Opens Fire

A woman waiting to merge into a busy L.A. intersection lost her patience in a hurry — she pointed a gun out the window, threatened to kill people … and fired.

Check out this surreal scene that went down Tuesday, when this woman appeared to be held up at a stop sign at what we’re told was Fairfax Ave. and Olympic Blvd. — an intersection that sees a lot of rush hour traffic, and this was recorded at 5:30 PM PT.

The video starts as the woman seems to be screaming at someone off-camera with her window rolled down — and before long, she whips out a handgun, which looks like a revolver, and loads it.

She points the firearm and then asks an ominous question … “Anybody wanna die now? Anybody???” The woman appears to point the gun at different cars passing in front of her … it makes for a terrifying scene. Even scarier is what she did next — unload a round straight-up through her sunroof.

Luckily, it doesn’t look like she hit anyone or any cars — and law enforcement sources tell us cops eventually caught up to her and were able to detain her without further incident.

We’re told they arrested her for felony negligent discharge of a firearm, and cops say she fired as many as 5 shots. In the video, she rants “The cow jumped over the moon” … so, it appears she was having a mental health episode. We’re also told she also told cops she’s Dr. Dre‘s daughter, and there’s no evidence supporting that.

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