Kylie Jenner accused of 'profiting off pandemic' with own hand sanitiser

Kylie Jenner has come under fire after releasing her own hand sanitiser during the coronavirus pandemic.

Arguably, hand sanitiser has become a necessity and the last year has seen it in huge demand, with people stocking up on anti-bacterial products to protect themselves from Covid-19.

Kylie, 22, dropped her very own Kylie Skin hand sanitiser on Tuesday, but not everyone was all for the new release, with some criticising the reality star from trying to ‘profit off a pandemic’.

On the product’s release, Kylie tweeted: ‘my @kylieskin hand sanitizer is here!! KYLIESKIN.COM 80% alcohol, fast drying, and formulated with glycerin to prevent dryness!’

The pretty pink bottle of spray cleanser claims to be fast drying and formulated with 80% alcohol to help purify and sanitise hands, without leaving them feeling sticky and drying out.

While some fans hailed the Kylie Skin release as a ‘must have’ and rushed to snap up their own for $7 (around £5) a bottle, others were seen calling out the mum-of-one.

They wrote: ‘No way part of “skin” you know how to market so well and make that money and people will buy it but this has nothing to do with “skin” no matter what you put in it. It’s hand sanitizer and all the money you got u should include it free with purchase #greed.’

Not everyone was against the move by Kylie, however, with some fans pointing out on Twitter that she’s not the only beauty brand to have added hand sanitiser as a product in recent months – arguing that she has simply adapted to the current climate.

‘I really do not get the hate on Kylie the amount of companies that created sanitizer some good some not and they get praised Kylie does it and it gets critised and it’s pretty good quality businesses have to adapt and that’s just what Kylie has done,’ said a fan.

Another highlighted that many fashion brands are now selling their own face masks because of the pandemic and claimed the same argument could be made for them.

They said: ‘I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Kylie selling Hand Sanitizer,’ before questioning: ‘Are mask makers also then “profiting from the pandemic”?’

The Kylie Skin hand sanitiser is currently available on the beauty line’s US website, with many fans seen quizzing Kylie – who recently enjoyed a dreamy trip to Aspen with sister Kendall – on when it will be hitting the UK. has reached out to Kylie’s rep.

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