Kirsty Warks indyref stance mocked after being teased by BBC comedian Lee Mack

Kirsty Wark jokes about Scottish Independence position in 2014

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Ms Wark appears on Channel 4 show Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back at 8pm tonight. The Channel 4 program sees comedian Joe Lycett joined by a celebrity guest each week to take on a corporate giant and get consumer justice. Series three of the program has already seen Sarah Millican take on Virgin Media’s Terms and Conditions and Lorraine Kelly join Mr Lycett to challenge dodgy puppy dealers.

Tonight Ms Wark will appear on the comedy program to take aim at Sam Smith pubs and Sports Direct.

When the Newsnight presenter featured on BBC’s Would I Lie To You however, she was teased on her Scottish independence position.

Featuring on Series 8 episode 2 of the BBC program, Ms Wark was lightly mocked by Mr Mack who alleged that the presenter “wanted to go independent” but was not “allowed to say it publicly.”

The program, hosted by Rob Brydon, asks celebrity guests to reveal an extraordinary story about themselves that the rest of the panel must guess whether it is fact or fiction.

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Ms Wark, who was appearing on the show shortly before Scotland 2014 referendum, told the panel “Jeremy Paxman didn’t talk to me for a week after he caught me drinking from his Snoopy mug.”

As the guests questioned the veracity of the statement Mr Mack began imitating Ms Wark.

He said: “I’m rehearsing so I’m saying ‘news, news, news… I want to go independent but I’m not allowed to say it publicly.’”

The comedian received rapturous laughter, before he continued to tease the television presenter.

Mr Mack jocularly added: “But I might not want to go independent ‒ it could go either way, I’m not going to say.”

Ms Wark suddenly interjected, telling the comic to “stop”.

The Scottish newsreader allowed for a comic beat, then said: “I’m left handed” to roars of laughter.

Ms Wark has never revealed her position on Scottish Independence but did concede in the run up to the 2014 referendum, that Scotland would inevitably change “whatever happens” while she criticised the anglocentrism of Westminster.

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She told the Scotsman: “Whatever happens in September nothing will ever be the same.

“It is just slightly bonkers that we are having a UK cabinet meeting in Aberdeen.

“It is like, hello, we are part of the United Kingdom, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to have had one earlier?”

She added: “The tenor of the debate is becoming quite interesting; it is as if they have said ‘Oh my God we’ve got to get up to Scotland!’

“I don’t want that to colour the fact that there are very important questions to be asked.

“But I think it is fantastically exciting and examining ourselves is very important ‒ What are we capable of? What are we not capable of?”

Watch Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back at 8pm on Channel 4.

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