Kims girl North West, 9, draws on wall with marker as she shows off messy bedroom

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West revealed her messy bedroom in a Tik Tok video, as she recreated her own music video to Michael Jackson’s song Man in the Mirror.

The nine year old amusingly drew a moustache on her face and donned a Marilyn Monroe-printed oversized T-shirt as she was filmed making the short clip with a friend at home.

The video was posted on North’s Tik Tok page shared with her mum Kim, 42, and showed her mouthing the words to MJ’s iconic ballad as she stood in her pink bedroom.

What could be noticed all over the walls behind North, was scribbles made from a Sharpie marker, creating quite the mess.

North’s fake moustache looked to have been drawn on with the same marker, and she was later seen in the video applying soap to her face to wash the facial hair off as she kept singing away to the overplaying music.

Elsewhere in the clip, North appeared to have rummaged in her mum’s closet, as she was seen wearing an oversized white furry hat and a pink furry jacket, which was clearly too big for her, as she was filmed in a different bedroom.

North’s latest video follows one she shared giving followers a glimpse of her bedroom, after mum Kim decorated the space for Christmas.

Fans were taken aback by the extravagant decorations shown, as North’s room included a white Christmas tree adorned with hanging faux stacks of $100 bills and cameras, alluding to the Kardashian family’s fame-hungry lifestyle.

North was also seen in the video adding decorations to the lit-up tree herself.

Fans labelled the decorations “tacky” as they took to Reddit to give their shocked reactions to the clip.

One person wrote: “How trashy. And how unfortunate she is pulling her kids into this label as well."

A second said: “Lmfaoooo with everything going on they think this will make them more likeable? Tacky af."

A third joked: "If you are God-loving, always praying, Bible-thumping Christians like the Kardashians, of course, you know that MONEY is the reason for the season (great message Kim)."

"I see she’s teaching North that being famous is just showing off your wealth,” someone else commented.

A fifth user said: “North made capitalism the theme of her tree”, as another simply added: "This is disgusting wow."


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