Kim Kardashian Waited 6 Months, Asked Therapists Before Introducing Kids to Pete

Kim Kardashian wanted to make sure she waited long enough before introducing her kids to new bf Pete Davidson, consulting therapists and asking friends in similar situations how much time should pass before an appropriate meeting.

Kim was on “Today” Tuesday — chatting about everything from Kanye to Marilyn Monroe‘s dress and her skincare line, SKKN by Kim — but she also dished about things behind the scenes with her and Pete.

Hoda Kotb asked Kim about the timing on introducing her 4 kids to Pete. Kim says she met with friends who had experienced introducing their kids to new partners and even spoke with therapists — who all recommended 6 months … so that’s what she did.

Remember, it was in April when we first saw Pete with one of Kim’s kids, when he and North were spotted cruising around in a golf cart. Considering the first time we saw Kim and Pete together in public was back in October, it appears she truly did follow the 6 month rule.

Since then, we’ve even seen Pete with Saint at Walmart and making a stop at The Grove shopping center in L.A.

Kim was also asked about how things were going with Kanye, she said things were “good” and that she and the kids spent Father’s Day at the house together with Ye. TMZ broke the story — Kim and Kanye have been communicating again, as it pertains to the kids — a huge step compared to where things were just a few weeks ago.

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