Kevin Gates Trends on Twitter After Performing Provocative Dance Moves on Stage

Even comedian Druski jokes that the ‘Thinkin’ With My D**k’ spitter, who spent 31 months in prison between 2008 and 2011, ‘deserves jail time’ after the latter turns up the heat with his wild moves at one of his shows.

AceShowbizKevin Gates clearly knows how to send the Internet into a frenzy. The “Thinkin’ With My D**k” hitmaker’s name has been trending on Twitter after he performed provocative dance moves on stage.

On Sunday, August 21, the 36-year-old hip-hop star performed a freestyle “D**k in Yo Stomach” at the 713 Music Hall during his “Big Lyfe” tour. While on stage, he showed off some racy dance moves which later went viral on the blue bird app as well as on TikTok.

“I put d**k all in yo stomach, pull yo hair, slap yo a**, b***h you better not runnin’,” he raps as he moves his hips back-and-forth aggressively. “I put d**k all in yo stomach, d**k all in yo stomach, pull yo hair, slap yo a**/ I said, d**k down/ I d**k you down, d**k you down, d**k you down.”

Upon seeing the provocative moves, comedian Druski turned to his Instagram page to share the viral clip. “We not gone act like this N***a dont Deserve JailTime. This aint normal man,” he captioned the footage, adding a slew of laughing with tears emoji. Indeed, Kevin spent 31 months in prison between 2008 and 2011 for several legal issues, including possession charges of having illegal firearms.

In the comment section, many Instagram users reacted to Kevin’s wild stage act. “N***a was having flashbacks mid performance,” one person wrote, with another chiming in, “Moral of the story is you gone get pregnant.” A third added, “Dat tight jeans. I need a n***a like gates ASAP.”

Someone else opined, “Y’all, Kevin Gates is trending on Twitter too!! but all I can think about is how he smashed his cousin for like a year after he found out they were related.” Another echoed, “u remember banging ur cousin..??!”

Last month, Kevin confessed that he “f**ked” his cousin. Speaking with Yung Miami on her “Caresha Please” podcast, the “Time for That” rapper was asked, “Did you really f**k your cousin?” In response, he said, “Duh.”

Kevin then offered details on how he found out that the woman was his cousin from his grandmother. “[My grandma] pulled me to the side and said, ‘Baby, that’s your cousin,’ ” he shared, before admitting that he “didn’t know that she was [his] cousin.”

“But once I found out, then I ain’t about to stop,” Kevin, who claimed he remains friends with the woman to this day, said. “She wasn’t no close cousin. I don’t care. Don’t care. Sorry not sorry. Would do it again.” Upon learning of the shocking revelation, Yung Miami simply said, “I’m speechless.”

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