Kendall, Kylie, Drake and Justin Partying Together Again in L.A.

Things are getting back to normal — look no further than celeb hotspot The Nice Guy as Kendall, Kylie, Drake, Justin Bieber and more were all together under the same roof again.

It looked like a scene straight out of 2019, with expensive cars on the curb, flashing camera bulbs and some of the most famous celebs on the planet gathering Thursday in West Hollywood.

Inside, Kendall — who was joined by her NBA superstar bf Devin Booker — poured shots of her new 818 tequila from behind the bar … it appears the A-listers had the whole place rented out for themselves.

Chris Brown, Tyga, MGK, Megan Fox and Drake were there too, in fact, Drake had such a good time, he wanted to take it with him, leaving Nice Guy with a drink in hand.

With COVID-19 cases dropping and vaccines continuing to roll out in L.A. county, scenes like this could start to be the new normal once again.

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