Kelley Flanagan Breaks Silence on Peter Weber Split, is Ready for “Next Chapter”

It really is all over for Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber.

Despite posing together quite often in the spring of 2020, and despite rubbing the apparent success of their romance in the face of their critics…

… the couple broke up in late December.

Weber, who turned into one of the most polarizing Bachelor leads during his run on the ABC program, confirmed this surprising split last Thursday.

“I’m here to share that Kelley and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Weber wrote on Instagram, adding at the time:

“While our relationship was filled with countless beautiful memories, our relationship simply didn’t work out in the end.”

The former reality star didn’t delve into any details behind the break-up.

He did make it sound, however, as if there are no hard feelings between himself and Flanagan:

“Kelley is someone I will always have a special love for. Someone I have learned more from than she will ever understand.”

“Someone I am so thankful came into my life and someone who I will always wish all of life’s greatest blessings on.”

According to various sources, Weber dumped Flanagan because he couldn’t handle the pressure of the pair moving in together in 2021.

Or something like that.

It’s been difficult to track Weber’s thinking for several months now, considering he proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss to conclude his run as The Bachelor… and then left her for Madison Prewett… and then got together with Flanagan shortly after that fling fizzled out.

The guy is not decisive.

Kelley remained silent in the face of her new single status — until Sunday afternoon, when she shared her own message on social media.

“I know a lot of you have already heard the news, but I wanted to take some time to process it for myself before sharing,” the Chicago-based attorney wrote.

She added:

“It saddens me to say this but Peter and I have decided to go our separate ways.”

Did Flanagan explain why?

Did she tell followers what went wrong?

Not really.

“Peter and I had some unbelievable times together and they will definitely be missed,” the 28-year old added.

“Unfortunately him and I are in two different stages of our lives and saw our future paths differently.”

There are some rumors out there that Weber cheated on Flanagan… and, hey, maybe he did.

But Flanagan went on to say that she wished her ex “the absolute best” and thanked everyone for their continued support as she moves on to her “next chapter.”

She concluded:

“I’m still hoping to make it to New York one of these days, but for now I just want to focus on my happiness! 2021, I can’t wait to see what you have in store!”

Flanagan, of course, appeared on Weber’s season of The Bachelor in 2020 — but was cut from the competition in week 7.

In April, however, Weber and Flanagan reconnected in Chicago amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Alas, said pandemic will now outlast the ex-couple’s relationship.

Tragically, it may outlast us all.

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