Kate Moss’s 17 year-old daughter is the face of Marc Jacobs beauty


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Lila Moss, the 17-year-old daughter of Kate Moss, has just landed her second modeling gig with Marc Jacobs as the face of Marc Jacob Beauty (she did her first campaign with Jacobs in 2018). The photo above is courtesy of make-up artist Nikki de Jager who did her makeup for the shoot. Obviously, Lila is a very attractive young lady and knows the ins and outs of the modeling world courtesy of her very famous supermodel mother. Since this will probably serve as Lila’s launch pad into supermodeldom, InStyle did a full interview to ask her all her sage 17-year-old thoughts on beauty and her career

What’s your typical makeup and skincare routine?
I like to keep my everyday look quite natural, so I mostly wear bronzer and mascara. The Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer is my favorite. I’m really into skincare and interested in getting my skin to look as dewy as possible. For moisturizer, I use the Marc Jacobs Youthquake Moisturizer and cleanse with a micellar water.

What beauty tips have your shared with your mom, and what has she taught you?
I’ve taught her how apply highlighter in the right places. Once, I noticed she did it completely wrong, so I had to correct it. She’s shown me the best way to curl my eyelashes. She’s always used an eyelash curler, and I used to be so scared to do it. Start right at the bottom rather than in the middle so that the whole lash gets curled.

What modeling advice has your mom given you?
Before shooting my first campaign, she told me, “Listen and do what they tell you to do.” It was intimidating, but it was amazing to know that I could trust Marc and the creative team. But I think the best lesson she has taught me is to “work hard, be polite to everyone I meet, and to always make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you’re doing.”

A lot of today’s top models are the children of supermodels or celebrities. How are you inspired by them?
Girls like Kaia Gerber, or Gigi and Bella Hadid are great examples. They are inspired by their mom’s legacies, but have shown that they each have different and separate paths from their parents. Even though we might carry the same last name, we have to work hard to gain trust and respect in the industry. In the end, we just want to make our parents proud.

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The interview is harmless. She talks about her beauty inspiration, which comes mostly from Instagramers and YouTuber Summer McKeen. Lila talks about how excited she was to work with Nikkie. She mentioned that Nikkie showed her how to create a double wing cat eye but didn’t pass the tips along, unfortunately. I don’t have much to add here. I think most of us could have predicted Lila would receive a modeling contract before she got out of high school, we’ve seen this story play out so many times before. Kate Moss was arguably *the* face of the 90s, I imagine the modeling industry was champing at the bit for Lila to come of age. She’s sweet, I wish her the best, but I’m not exactly floored by this, you know?

I will say something nice, I like her answer on the veiled nepotism question. She didn’t go with the line that she somehow had to work harder because of her famous parent or that it had no bearing on her introduction to her career. Instead, she acknowledged it and said she hoped she honored her mother and her legacy. That’s a great answer, major points for that.

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