Kate Garraway says Downing Street Christmas party was ‘heartbreaking and ridiculous’

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway has blasted the alleged Downing Street Christmas party as ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘ridiculous’.

Her comments came as she spent last Christmas separated from husband Derek Draper amid his life-changing battle with Covid-19.

Derek spent a year in hospital fighting for his life after contracting the virus, and while he has now returned home he has been left in what Kate calls a "terrible state".

Talking on Thursday TV host Kate, 54, spoke of "the scrutiny that we went through to try and make things work."

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, she said: "I just don’t want to throw stones, basically, because the obvious thing to say is it’s heartbreaking and ridiculous and I can’t believe it because I don’t think they’re a group of evil people."

"But there is definitely something very, very uncomfortable about, maybe they just didn’t know the devastation, the rules were affecting all of us?"

Her co-presenter, Susanna Reid, responded: "I don’t think anyone is describing malign intent here.

"But Adam Wagner, who is a barrister, we regularly talk to Adam on the programme, has been, as you suggest, crunching the legals over this."

At the time of the alleged party, Susanna said, quoting the rules from last Christmas, "there were only two legal ways to have an indoor gathering of more than 30 people."

One of these was if a gathering was "strictly reasonably necessary for work."

Susanna added that it seemed that: "did not seem to apply" to the alleged Downing Street bash.

Kate reflected on her own Christmas in 2020.

She said: "And you know, Susanna… about even simple things like, "Can I leave them on their own? Am I allowed to have people in to look after the children?"'

She called the memories: "Just too depressing".

Kate updated fans on Derek's condition during an appearance on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

Derek, with whom Kate shares children Darcey and Billy, was diagnosed with Covid in March last year, entering a coma in the April. He is never expected to fully recover.

She admitted: "He still can't communicate, he still has issues with mobility. Fundamentally, he's in a terrible state. Look, he's alive, Piers."

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