Kailyn Lowry Claps Back at Homophobes: I’ll Bang Whomever I Want!

A lot of Kailyn Lowry’s fans are worried that she’s back with Chris Lopez, so you can imagine their relief over the weekend.

Kail posted an ambiguous tweet that seemed to refer to her seducing a woman.

While some fans cheered, another put their foot in their mouth, asking if this means that Kail is “a lesbian again.”

On Sunday, July 21, Kailyn Lowry took to Twitter to tweet a line that raised a few eyebrows and turned a few heads.

“She like how I smell, cologne,” Kail wrote.

Now, that is a line from “Suge,” by DaBaby.

But just because she was tweeting lyrics didn’t necessarily mean that there’s no significance to their content.

Was Kail letting her fans and followers know that there’s a new special woman in her life?

Kail’s innocuous tweet prompted a flurry of replies.

“Are you a lesbian again?” one very peculiar tweet asked Kailyn.

“No judgment,” the fan quickly clarified. “Just asking!”

Kailyn decided to reply to that oddball question with the seriousness that it deserves — that is, with sarcasm.

“Yeah, that’s how it works lol,” Kail tweeted above a quote-tweet of the follower’s question.

Kailyn Lowry "are you a lesbian again" lol

On the offchance that anyone is genuinely confused by Kailyn’s tongue-in-cheek response, we’ll spell it out for you.

That’s not how sexuality works. Like, at all.

Kailyn has had girlfriends — even serious, longterm girlfriends — in the past.

She did not magically become a lesbian during those relationships. Nor does she transform into a straight woman when she dates men.

When people say that “sexuality is fluid,” they mean that people may change how they identify over time as they are introduced to new labels and experiences.

It does not mean that they swap labels like different hats for different partners.

As some of Kailyn Lowry’s more sensible followers pointed out in tweets, there is a perfectly good label for her attraction.

Bisexuality means attraction to people of multiple genders.

It is not the only term in this category — some may prefer the label of pansexuality.

Interestingly, Kail eschews both labels, as some do.

She defines herself as being attracted to people, and that’s about it.

Fun fact: there’s a Pride flag specifically for people who don’t like labels. We’re not sure if that’s up Kail’s alley or not.

Kail’s fans took to the replies to scoff at some of the stupid questions that were hurled her way.

“She’s attracted to men and women,” wrote one. “Fairly sure this makes her bisexual.”

Fair enough, though it’s up to the individual to choose a label — or not — with which they are most comfortable.

“Don’t understand why that’s such a strange concept to some people?” wrote a fan. “Or why people think it’s their business. #loveislove”

Another expressed: “I don’t like when people think attraction is something you can just turn off and on.”

As we mentioned, Kailyn does not use a label to describe her sexuality.

She has on multiple occassions gone on the defensive about her sex life.

Some of her own fans assume that she bangs any guy who spends more than a few minutes in her orbit.

While that would be totally fine, it’s simply not true.

It’s a shame that more can’t be done to stifle absurd rumors.

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