Jon Gosselin: Kate and I Will NEVER Be Able to Co-Parent!

Jon Gosselin has been trying to protect his kids from appearing on the increasingly inaccurately named Kate Plus 8.

We get it, “Kate Plus 4” doesn’t rhyme, but if Jon had his way, none of the minor kids would be used on camera to enrich their mother.

Now, Jon says that he and Kate will never be able to co-parent because he’s the only one who really cares about the kids.

Early this weekend, Jon Gosselin spoke opened up to Us Weekly about the difficult realities of his large, broken family.

“I don’t think coparenting is ever going to exist between us,” Jon admits.

He explains that this is “because we are never going to see eye to eye.”

“We have completely different parenting styles,” he acknowledges.

We are all grateful that those children were lucky enough to have one non-Kate parent.

“And she still wants to film,” Jon points out.

“But,” he vows. “I’m never going to sign work permits.”

“That already went to court,” Jon reminds the world. “And I won but she went against my legal rights.”

Someone asked him about his relationship with the six children who do not live with him, asking if she should spend more time with them.

“I agree,” Jon begins.

“But,” he laments. “Their mother [Kate] puts roadblocks all the way.” 

“So, at this point I’ve agreed that as long as Hannah and Collin still talk to their siblings and the kids can interact with each other,” Jon says.

He continues: “Then that’s fine with me.”

The father of eight has repeatedly emphasized that he’ll let his other kids keep their distance if they want to.

What matters to him, he says, is that Hannah and Collin keep in touch with their siblings. The sibling bond is what matters.

“I’ll go along,” Jon expresses.

“And,” he says mournfully. “I don’t have no direct contact as of right now.”

The DJ and part-time prep cook reflects upon how his marriage and the family’s famous show suffered a decade ago.

“It’s weird because our show became almost political, a big controversy,” Jon recalls.

He narrates: “Then I was like, ‘This isn’t for me’ and I wanted to leave.”

“Then I saw a decline in some of my children,” Jon explains. “And I decided this wasn’t for my children.”

“And I wanted to take some of them off [the show],” Jon says.

He accuses: “And then for future shows, she was like ‘yes’ and I was saying ‘no.'”

“And then it became this legal battle,” Jon laments. “Because we’re trying to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.”

“Any time there is turmoil, that becomes a media circus,” he cautions. “So, here we are.”

“My twins have asked me not to speak about them to the media and I’ve stopped,” Jon reveals.

“Their birthday came up and I didn’t say anything,” he notes.

“And the two that live with me [Colin and Hannah] I decided that I’m not going to talk about them anymore,” Jon adds.

He says that this is “because now I know they’re safe, they’re OK. And so, I’ve decided to just let all the kids be teenagers.”

“Anything else that comes up will just be about me and her,” Jon concludes. “Whatever that might be.”

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