Jeremy Clarkson blasts bl**dy nuisance farm visitors after they urinate on his driveway

Jeremy Clarkson shows off his new cow

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, spoke to locals about “nuisance” visitors who even urinated on his driveway, according to a new report. The reality series, Clarkson’s Farm, has made his Cotsworld holding a top tourist destination.

They like to come in and wee on my drive.

Jeremy Clarkson

On Thursday, Jeremy called a meeting in Memorial Hall in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, to discuss with locals some of the issues that have arisen at his 100 acre site.

The former Top Gear host later broke his social media silence to confirm that the meeting went well.

A fan said: “@JeremyClarkson good luck at your meeting this evening.”

To which he replied: “It went very well, thank you.”

Since the start of his Prime Video series, thousands of visitors have rushed to the new tourist destination.

However, not all have been polite on their visit.

At the meeting, Jeremy is said to have told locals who were upset about the new popularity, that he hopes the “enormous crowds” will soon disappear.

He reportedly stated that some had been “a bl**dy nuisance” and that villagers had his “absolute sympathy”.

Jeremy is reported as saying: “They like to come in and wee on my drive.

“I am just as keen as all of you to try and manage the situation.”

As the meeting went well, Jeremy must have resonated with locals about his issues, however he is planning further expansion.

According to the MailOnline, Jeremy is planning to convert the lambing shed into a restaurant.

The restaurant will reportedly charge £30 a head, and the meat used will be Jeremy’s own stock.

He is supposedly doing this to help the quality of his food, due to post-Brexit trade deals.

Furthermore, at the meeting it is alleged that locals were furious at Jeremy for taking on farming.

According to The Sun, a local allegedly said: “The thing is Mr Clarkson, you are not a farmer.

“You are a media personality and farming to you is a sideline.

“But this is our village and we have to live with the consequences.”

The series has been confirmed for a second series.

In a statement, Jeremy previously said: “I’m absolutely delighted that, once again, you’ll be able to spend some time with Cheerful Charlie, Gerald, Lisa and of course, Kaleb.” has contacted a spokesperson for Jeremy Clarkson for comment.

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