Jenelle Evans & David Eason: We’re Officially Back Together, Dude!

Well, we guess she deserves some credit for holding out for a few months, right?

Yes, folks, in case you haven't heard, Jenelle Evans and David Eason are back together.

And at this point, it's much more than just a social media rumor.

We have proof that these two are not only back together, but once again living under the same roof.

On the bright side, we guess it's a sign that Jenelle has given up on her foolish dream of re-launching her TV career, because no network on the planet will touch her with a ten-foot pole now that she's brought her dog-killing, child-abusing ex back into the picture.

Take a look at the mountain of evidence that Jenelle is giving David his 475th second chance:

1.Here We Go Again

2.Trouble Brewing

3.Both Funny and Sad

4.The Nugget Incident

5.Trigger Warning

6.Dangerous Dave

7.Say It Ain't So

8.Nashville Reunion

9.Exhibit B

10.Saved By the Termination

11.A Night on the Town

12.Not the Brightest Bulbs

13.It's Really Happening

14.Want More Evidence?

15.Back on the Land

16.Land Lovers

17.Poor Goat

18.Lying — One of the Many Things She Sucks At

19.It's Official

20.Across State Lines

21.Not Taking the News Well

22.This Is the End

23.Fear of Her Own Thoughts

24.The Proof Keeps Piling Up

25.Coming Clean

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