Jason Bateman Teases “Riverboat” Season 3 Of ‘Ozark’ – Emmys Backstage

Expect a lot of riverboat in season 3 of Netflix’s Ozark. 

Speaking to the press following his first Emmy win tonight for the show, Jason Bateman gave us some insight as to what to expect for the crafty Byrd family next season. The MRC-co-produced series was recently in production over the summer Ozark follows Marty Byrde (Bateman), a financial planner who moves from his Chicago suburb to a backwoods community in Missouri. He’s hoping to ease a Mexican cartel after a money laundering scheme goes wrong, but Marty winds up becoming embroiled with a local drug kingpin.

“The riverboat casino that you see last season in fact goes into operation. We pick up six months later from the end of the second season. The casino is up and running and provides us with more opportunities both positive and negative. Some of that is temping and some that are calming. Ultimately it all effects the family,” explained Bateman, who won best director in the drama series category.

Also speaking backstage was Ozark best supporting actress winner Julia Garner who took a trophy home on her first outing. She plays Marty’s partner in crime on the series.

“Ruth is really to play,” said the actress who we hear is awesome as the assistant in the Harvey Weinstein-inspired sexual harassment drama feature The Assistant. 

“She’s a person, not a character, and I try to look for that when I’m playing a part; trying to play a person rather than a character,” said Garner.


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