James Charles Admits To Having Lip Filler, Botox & More Plastic Surgery During Chat With Naomi Campbell

YouTuber James Charles spilled the tea when he sat down for a virtual chat with Naomi Campbell, opening up about what cosmetic work he’s had done.

James Charles talked all things plastic surgery in a revealing new interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell. The makeup mogul sat down with the OG model for a virtual chat on her YouTube channel on October 6, and revealed just how much cosmetic work he’s had done to his face. “I have lip filler. I have Botox. I’m very open about it,” the YouTuber began. “I don’t have too much of it, but for me, my dad has literally the worst forehead wrinkles you could literally imagine on anybody ever. So for me, my Botox was very much just preventative, because my dad and I have a very, very similar face.”

Naomi quickly replied, “You’re too young,” to which the 21-year-old said, “There’s not a lot in there, I promise. I can definitely still move everything around, so we’re very, very good.” He added, “Oh, absolutely! Literally when I first got it, I was like, ‘Listen girl, I don’t want any wrinkles but I need to be able to move my eyebrows. And if I’m frozen, we’re going to have a problem.’” James also explained that he got “just a little bit of filler” in his lips, but said he would “never, ever go overboard.”

The beauty guru, who is no stranger to scandal, made headlines when he underwent two surgeries in May. He joked that he got an “ass reduction,” but later shot down the rumors, tweeting, “it has come to my attention that people actually believed that my surgery yesterday was an ass reduction…. baby… i would never get rid of this thicker than a snicker juicy caboose.” He also came under fire earlier this year after he put The Hills star Lauren Conrad on blast over her new makeup brand.

He took to social media on August 19, and slammed the PR package he received from Lauren’s team which was full of empty products. “I just opened a PR package from a new makeup brand from somebody who has no business having a makeup brand,” he said in the video. “Stop making makeup brands. Stop! Stop!” James later clarified what he meant in his comments, and apologized to the OG reality star, writing “Wanted to write an apology to @LaurenConrad for my stories earlier. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day long from a ton of things going wrong & opening her PR package was the icing on the cake of weird things happening today.”

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