Jake Paul Trolls Dana White With His Halloween Costume

The YouTuber takes a jab at the UFC President by wearing a bald cap while powder is all over his face, insinuating that he’s dressing as ‘Dana White and his hookers.’

AceShowbizJake Paul used the Halloween moment to continue to hate on Dana White. The YouTube personality took to his Instagram account to troll the UFC President with his choice of Halloween costume.

Jake decided to take a jab at Dana by dressing up as the latter. He wore a bald cap while powder was all over his face. He could also be seen holding a bag of what is supposed to look like cocaine. The bag featured the words, “Unlimited Free Cocaine”, he claimed to be an extended version of “UFC.”

“Happy Halloween from Dana White and his hookers,” so the boxer wrote in the caption. Jake was seemingly referencing to a strange case from 2015 that came to light in 2020. It was said that Dana was the victim of an extortion attempt. A man named Ernesto Joshua Ramos allegedly claims he filmed Dana White having sex with his stripper girlfriend. Ernesto was arrested after he accepted $200,000 from Dana to stop the video tape from coming out.

“IM DEAD!” one of his followers commented underneath the post. “He lives rent free in your head Jakey,” someone else added. “Why does jake look better then dana tho,” another person wrote.

Dana and Jake have been feuding for a long time. In a recent interview, Dana asked when the 24-year-old will fight someone of a similar profile in weight, height and age. “Right now, daddy Dana!” Jake answered to that, “I just announced it today, thank you for being a part of the announcement,” he added, referring to him declaring war on boxer Tommy Fury.

“We’re basically the same age, the same height, the same reach and the same weight!” Jake went on to say. “He’s 7-0, undefeated; I’m 4-0, undefeated, and his brother is the heavyweight champion of the world. If that’s not a real boxer then I don’t know what is. I’m doing it Dana.”

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