How Ant Anstead is coping with his breakup from Christina

We all felt collective shock when Christina Anstead announced she was ending her marriage to Ant after less than two years. It seems her husband was equally jilted by the dissolution of their union. According to People, the British TV host enrolled himself in a breakup recovery program for help coping with the split. The good news is it seems Ant Anstead’s work with Create the Love has worked, as he shared via Instagram, “I am now on day 30 of this and I have to say it’s been a lifeline for me! If anyone out there needs this DO IT!”

According to House Beautiful, the program’s leader, Mark Groves, will coach followers through the process of grieving and letting go of love through emails, videos, and exercises. The newly single dad also committed to a faith-based program, Rise Up Kings, to help him find peace with his relationship ending. He chronicled the experience on social media, which appeared to involve pushing his body physically in addition to the spiritual component.

Ant Anstead is coping with the end of their relationship differently than Christina

Three weeks ago, Anstead shared his feelings about the breakup on Instagram, writing alongside a photo of the couple, “Anyone who really knows me knows that I don’t like to share private matters publicly. I have remained silent while holding on to hope. I never gave up on us. I pray Christina’s decision brings her happiness.” Since then, the heartbroken dad has also shared adorable photos of the couple’s son, Hudson, as well as of his other children, Amelie and Archie, whom he recently reunited with after time apart in quarantine (via People).

Meanwhile, Christina Anstead’s handling of the end of the marriage is a far cry from how her estranged husband has coped (via House Beautiful). In case you recently visited Christina’s Instagram, you’d know this, as the HGTV host purchased a yacht in the wake of the split. The name of the boat? Aftermath. She also showed off an over-the-top birthday celebration she threw for her daughter with Tarek El Moussa, Taylor.

Christina Anstead is not a robot however

But the Christina on the Coast star has admitted to hurting in the wake of the split as well, sharing a raw post on Instagram just a few weeks ago. It read in part, “I never thought I would have one divorce let alone two. I never thought I would have 2 baby daddies — but sometimes life throws us curve balls. Instead of getting stuck in these ‘setbacks’ I choose to look at these challenges as opportunities to grow. So while some may judge me and throw around rumors about me, most of you support me.” The mom of three added, “I’m real and I’m working on healing.” Anstead ended her honest post by saying, “I appreciate the support and I hope my story inspires you to not be so hard on yourself for the decisions / choices you’ve made. We are all a work in progress.”

Here’s wishing both parties much healing as they recover from their respective heartbreak.

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