Helen Wood taking anti-sex drug after Wayne Rooney romp put her off men

And the 32-year-old has taken drugs to curb her sex-drive.

The beautician took part in a threesome with the former Manchester United captain in 2010 while his wife Coleen was pregnant.

The Rooneys have stayed together despite his antics. But Helen claims the session wrecked her life.

She says she can’t find a partner because every relationship ends with “blokes lecturing me about my past”.


Helen, who has a book out, told Closer magazine bedding Rooney left her suicidal.

She added: “I can’t trust anyone and I hate men. I’ve even taken medication to quash my libido so I don’t miss sex.

“I’d love to settle down with a man one day and maybe have another child, but I don’t know if it’ll happen.

“I just feel sad, mainly because I’ve dated men who are s***heads like Wayne.”

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