Halsey Shares Behind The Scenes Look At Making ‘Nightmare’ Video

Halsey has shared some behind the scenes footage of the making of her music video for “Nightmare.”

“I want you guys to keep in mind that you’re not cheerleaders,” the singer and songwriter can be seen telling her team of backup dancers. “It’s tough, it’s mean…just going totally nuts, you have to pretend we’re your favorite band in the fu**ing world.”

Halsey pays tribute to Taking Back Sunday, the rock band from Long Island, in another scene.

“When I was playing clubs, I used to use a wired mic and I used to swing it on stage because all the punk bands I grew up listening to used to do it. Taking Back Sunday — it’s the TBS special,” she says.

The music video for “Nightmare” was released in May and has been streamed more than 15 million times on her official YouTube channel.

(Photo: EMI Music)

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