Gloria Hunniford, 70, refuses to stop seeing her sons on Mother’s Day despite self-isolating

I don’t know how long I will be able to self-isolate for. I don’t think by nature I could take four months of it. But I am going to give it a try for a few weeks at least – for my husband and me.

My attitude, at the beginning, was that until somebody tells me to stop – or makes me – then I’m going to keep on going. There was no way I was not going to go into the studio to film Loose Women live on the panel.

However, with the new messages from the Prime Minister, I’m now going to do a live link-up from my home for the foreseeable.

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My husband [Stephen Way] has had a few health issues in the past year and is still in recovery. I’m also classified as pre-diabetic but I’m controlling it with food. The scary part with this coronavirus is that you think you have your head in place and then new information comes out. But I feel that at our age – above 70 – we have to do what we can and take the advice given to us by experts.

Both my sons have virtually closed their offices. One is in the sound business for events, but the events have all been shut down. The other publishes magazines for airlines all over the world, but what’s the point now when airlines aren’t flying?

I was supposed to be filming in Manchester this week for Rip Off Britain, but that’s been cancelled.

My two grandchildren, Charlie and Gabriel – who are my daughter Caron’s boys – have been told to work from home, like many people across the UK.

For Mothering Sunday, both my sons said that as long as I didn’t mind them coming down, they wanted to spend it with me. They are both fit and healthy so we all enjoyed the day together. There just wasn’t much hugging and kissing. I wouldn’t be one for telling my sons not to visit me without further reason.

Many people ask me how my friend Sir Cliff Richard, 79, is doing. His home is in Barbados and I haven’t heard the island mentioned within the mix so I imagine that it’s a well-isolated area. Plus, he has a lot of land at his home. That’s where my husband and I are lucky too, as we have a good-sized garden. We can get out into the fresh air and go out for a drive in the countryside.

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My husband and I haven’t started to stock up on supplies yet. My plan of action is that my freezer is well-stocked and I have a cupboard with tins and pasta in there.

We have farm shops nearby so I’ll go there as there aren’t as many people. I’m not going to the big supermarkets or restaurants. I’m trying to be cautious and sensible. In our lifetime, there hasn’t been anything like this since the war.

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