Frankie Bridge stuns Im A Celeb stars as she admits giving husband a cast of her a**e

Loose Women: Frankie Bridge on watching TV love scenes

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When Wayne Bridge declared that he wanted a cast of one of wife Frankie Bridge’s most intimate areas, he had been making a cheeky joke.

However, he didn’t bargain on mischievous Frankie delivering exactly what he’d asked for

What do you buy someone who has everything?

Frankie Bridge

While gossiping around the campfire on tonight’s edition of I’m A Celebrity, Frankie revealed all to her fellow contestants.

“He used to say it as a joke,” she explained.

Frankie had been struggling for gift ideas due to his ability to buy almost any material thing as a professional footballer.

“Back when he was playing football, what do you buy someone who has everything?” she mused.

“He always used to be like, ‘I just want a cast of your a**e…’

“So one year I was like, ‘Fine that’s what you’re getting.’

“I took my two best mates and you literally have to bend over and this guy literally has to slap all of this stuff on,” she recalled.

“I was literally having to bend over like this,” she claimed while mimicking the moment she stuck her derriere out over a table.

“It’s like papier-mâché… slapping it all on.”

The Kim Kardashian-style stunt went down a treat, and Wayne ensured it was installed on the wall of their home.

However, it causes embarrassment from time to time when she inadvertently exposes more than she intended during meetings on Zoom.

“I forget sometimes and I remember I was doing a Zoom or something and everyone online was like, ‘Is that your bum in the background?’” she cringed.

“And I was like ‘Urmm…’.”

Frankie and Wayne share two sons together and have been together for seven years.

The tearful TV star has openly admitted that she will struggle to be away from her much-loved family as the experience on the isolated site of I’m A Celeb continues.

She already has mixed feelings about travelling for her TV career, and the camp environment might have exacerbated her feelings, according to reports.

A source recently told New magazine: “Frankie will be feeling a lot of mum guilt.

“She feels it when she’s away from home filming shows like Loose Women, let alone when she’s doing I’m a Celebrity.

“She will be really struggling in there, but she knew that she would be.”

At least, on the other side, Wayne will have a very intimate reminder of his wife when she can’t be with him.

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