Frank Sinatra slammed by Joan Collins after dinner party meeting Befuddled old man

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Dame Joan Collins, 88, has slammed Frank Sinatra in her memoir, based on diary entries from 1996. The music legend died at the age of 88 after suffering two heart attacks two years later.

It’s frightfully sad to see this golden icon now a befuddled old man.

Joan Collins

Last night a number of extracts of Joan’s memoirs were published, where she discussed her Hollywood encounters through the years.

She recently turned the table attacking Donald Trump, and voiced the reason why she quit Twitter.

The extract from her book My Unapologetic Diares, published by the MailOnline, focuses on the late 1990s when Joan detailed her attendance at Roger Moore’s 69th birthday at Le Dome.

The actress discussed how she apparently had the best seat in the house sitting between Frank Sinatra and Gregory Peck, and opposite Roger.

The latter was sat next to Frank’s wife, Barbara Sinatra, with Joan sharing her opinion on the Come Fly with Me legend.

She said: “Mine is not an easy draw because Frank Sinatra is not and never has been interested in talking about anything other than himself.”

Joan claimed that “his mind wandered a lot” during his later years.

She detailed how Barbara sat opposite him and constantly kept her eye on her husband, asking him if he had taken his medication.

To see such a big star like this was difficult for Joan.

She said: “It’s frightfully sad to see this golden icon now a befuddled old man.”

Joan, finding Frank difficult company, preferred talking to Greg Peck who she called “a little dull” but still an “adorable” man.

Frank died two years later, after having two heart attacks.

The legendary singer was hospitalised frequently in his later years for heart and breathing problems, as well as high blood pressure, pneumonia and bladder cancer.

He also suffered from onset dementia due to his usage of antidepressants.

Joan is known for her strong opinions on matters, having recently voiced her opinion on Twitter about Covid rules, and was met with nasty remarks.

This led the star to quit Twitter for a while, after the mean comments got too much for her.

She said to the Mail on Sunday: “I got all these nasty remarks and thought, ‘F*** this’.”

“I do not need this.

She added: “So, I stopped Twitter.”

Her new book My Unapolegetic Diaries is an “uncensored” and often outrageous look of hours of Hollywood events in the eyes of Joan.

Whether she details an encounter with a member of the Royal Family, or her keen and honest insights of other celebrities, Joan doesn’t care. 

My Unapolegetic Diaries by Joan Collins, published by Weidenfield & Nicholson on October 14, £20. You can pre-order the book here.

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