Fortune Feimster Confesses to Failing to Help Stranded Jason Momoa in Arizona Desert

During an appearance on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, the comedienne playing Colette on ‘The Mindy Project’ jokes that ‘every straight woman alive’ reprimanded her for not pulling over.

AceShowbiz -Comedienne Fortune Feimster has defended herself after failing to stop and help a stranded Jason Momoa during a road trip through the Arizona desert.

The Mindy Project” actress reveals she and her now-wife, Jacquelyn Smith, were en route to Phoenix in September when they passed a shirtless hunk, whose van had broken down on the highway.

“It’s the middle of nowhere, there’s only like, a prison, and that’s it, and I see this super buff dude, he’s got a man bun, he’s shirtless, and he has these crazy black and white striped pants on,” Fortune recalled on “The Kelly Clarkson Show“.

“I’m like, ‘Did some hot guy escape from prison? What’s happening?’ I can’t see his face, he’s in the van, trying to fix the van, and we just pass by… and I turn to my partner and I’m like…, ‘I think that was Jason Momoa…’ “

Fortune confesses they didn’t pull over, even when they thought they recognised the “Aquaman” star, and she soon learned her celebrity guess was spot on: “We got to a gas station 30 minutes later, and I was like, ‘I’m just gonna look at his Insta Story (sic)…’ And there he was (in a photo), on the side of the road!”

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Fortune shared the snap, and a comment about how they crossed paths, on her own Instagram page, but her followers couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t turn around to come to Momoa’s aid.

“I posted that and every straight woman alive was like, ‘Why didn’t you stop?’ ” she said.

However, the funnywoman insists they wouldn’t have been any use to Momoa, even if they had pulled over to check on him.

“I’m like, ‘What am I gonna do for Jason Momoa? Spit in his gas tank to make his van start? I can’t help him out!’ ” she protested.

“He was fine and he was on the road like, 30 minutes later. But I spotted Jason Momoa from just his body!”

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