Forget what you have to put with Lorraine Kelly supports Katie Piper amid choking ordeal

Katie Piper provides an update from the hospital

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Television presenter Lorraine Kelly, 61, reached out to fellow TV star Katie Piper via Twitter this morning, following a terrifying health ordeal. The 37-year-old had to have an emergency operation on her oesophagus after choking on some food.

Katie took to social media this morning to share details of the incident while recovering.

Alongside a picture which showed the mum-of-two in a hospital gown, she shared her health update and thanked the NHS for their intervention.

“SO, last night I choked on food which led to spasms in my oesophagus, which meant it closed up, meaning I couldn’t swallow even my own saliva and ended up in A&E for an emergency procedure on my oesophagus.

“But out now and on the mend. Thanks so much to the NHS docs/nurses!”

Many took the comments section of her post to wish her a speedy recovery and praise the Loose Women panellist for her bravery, including ITV presenter Lorraine.

“Oh love! Hope you are OK – I think we all forget what you have to put up with because you are so strong and brave @KatiePiper_ xxx,” she wrote online.

“I had a similar experience(s) a couple of years ago @KatiePiper_ it was terrifying!” Instagram user Jimmypic remarked.

“Thankfully no operation but it was diagnosed and now under control. Wishing you a speedy recovery,” the message continued.

Fellow television and radio personality Toby Anstis also reached out.

“Sending the biggest of hugs Katie. You are such an inspiration to so many people, every single day.

“Whatever happens you just get on with it, you’re a very special human being,” he went on to add.

Katie shared a bit for information over on Instagram.

“I’ve got a long history of treatment with my oesophagus, I’ve got three strictures of tight scar tissue from what happened previously and this is something I’ve been aware of but hasn’t happened in years,” she wrote in view of her 1.1 million followers.

The activist uploaded a video update from her hospital bed this morning telling fans that she was on the mend and feeling happy.

“Just woken up from a procedure and I feel like a different woman.

“I feel so happy. Drowsy. But so happy.

“I went into the theatre not being able to swallow, even my saliva, I’ve just come out and drank the best orange juice in the entire world.

“It feels so good to be able to drink liquids.

“The NHS are amazing!” the thankful star gushed.

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