Fans Think Cassie Randolph's New Boyfriend Wrote a Song Calling Colton Underwood a "Creep"

Today in news no one was prepared for, Bachelor Nation fans on Reddit think Cassie Randolph’s rumored new boyfriend, Brighton Reinhardt, has written a song about Colton Underwood called “Creep.”

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As a reminder, Cassie filed a restraining order against Colton in September 2020 (which she later dropped), alleging he stalked her and put a tracking device on her car. This last point is especially relevant given the lyrics to Brighton’s new song, which include “God, I hope you get your thinking right / GPS on the underside / Told her everything will be just fine.”

Cassie and Brighton haven’t responded to speculation that the song is about Colton. But, um, you can listen to it below:

Meanwhile, Bachelor fans in Brighton’s Instagram comments seem unimpressed, with musings like “Even if you are her new boyfriend you should not write that song about her ex” and “Nice way to draw some attention to your unsuccessful music career” and also “Alexa play I like to shade my girlfriends ex!”

No words, just eek.

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