Famous IG Dog Plans To Wear Tom Daley's Knitted Jumper For Fashion Week!

Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley‘s knitted jumper is going to good use … ’cause the uber-famous Instagram dog he made it for will be rocking it at the next fashion week!!

The British diver went viral earlier this week for stitching up the piece right after winning the 10-meter platform event … saying he was making it for Izzy the Frenchie, a dog that has more than 1 MILLION followers on social media.

TMZ Sports spoke with Izzy about Daley’s gift … and she said, “bark, bark, bark.”

Okay, just kidding … we spoke with Izzy’s papa, Rick Hendrix, in Washington D.C. Tuesday about Daley showing some serious love at the world’s biggest stage … and he’s got some big plans in mind.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

“I think we’re gonna include it in her fashion week,” Hendrix says. “Maybe walk in New York next time it’s all safe and we can get out again!”

BTW — Izzy is big in the industry … and has been a guest at fashion weeks in the past.

So, how did the collab come to be? Hendrix said he was talking to Daley about his impressive crochet and knitting skills … and Tom decided he wanted to make something for Izzy!!

But, Hendrix had no clue the 5-time European champ meant that he was gonna start workin’ on it during the most important sporting events of his life!!

“Had no idea he was gonna make it during the Games,” Hendrix tells us.

“Then all of a sudden he’s going online saying, ‘Hey, I’m making this for Izzy the Frenchie. Things just blew up, man!”

The 27-year-old has made jumpers for several dogs during his time in Tokyo — saying, “learning to knit and crochet has helped me so much through these Olympics and we won GOLD yesterday.”

Daley also makes them for humans and charity  … last month, he raised over $8k by auctioning off a knitted sweater for the Brain Tumour Charity.

Sounds pretty doggone good to us!!

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