Ester Dee blocks trolls who say she doesnt love or spend time with her daughter: I hate it

Real Housewives' Ester Dee has opened up on the trolling she receives about how much time she spends with her daughter Pearl.

Blonde beauty Ester, 35, is mum to her young daughter Peal and admitted to OK! that people ask her why she "isn't spending more time" with her little one.

"I get trolled. I read the comments but I feel sorry for the person who feels like they need to behave that way," Ester began.

She said: "One time there was a lady who commented on how long I see my daughter and which locations we go to, and she was so, so negative. I replied to her and wrote in detail and she deleted the comment.

"Once you explain to people what you're about and your reasons for something or why I'm not with my daughter sometimes, some people actually re-think what they've said."

"You can air your opinion about why I'm not with my daughter and ask me, but I hate it when people just tell me I'm never with her and don't love her."

Ester explained that she'll sometimes look at the profile of the person writing the comment and decide whether or not to block them.

"If it's very rude I look at the person's profile and decide if they're real or not. I then write f*** off or block them," the reality star continued.

Discussing her daughter, Ester admitted the tot is "always after attention."

"She's the new Madonna in the making. She loves dancing and doesn't listen to me sometimes. She loves makeup and wears my shoes. She behaves like she's older. She has a phone already and loves to watch TikTok and create them."

In a bid to have more quality time with her daughter and new partner Glynn, Ester recently bid farewell to her time on Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Discussing her departure, it became evident the stunning star has mixed emotions about leaving, but she did call it "the right decision."

Explaining her choice, Ester told us: "When it came down to the practicalities with filming we had a good old chat with the production and they said 'Ester we wouldn't want you travelling anywhere for a minimum of four months.'

"We made a joint decision that for this season we probably leave it and we talk and if anything changes then we can discuss that.

"In actual fact it means it helps with my duties of being a good girlfriend and a good mum.

"I must admit I miss the girls and the cameras. I thought it would really, really hurt me and that I wouldn't be able to live without it but in actual fact life is easier."

Ester said she'll miss the housewives – Dawn and Rachel in particular – but admitted she feels she's "lost a bit of touch" with everyone, including Lauren and Tanya.

Ester added: "Listra didn't like me anyway so we've unfollowed each other on social media."

Despite leaving the show, which she's been on since 2017, the RHOC favourite admitted she hasn't fully closed the door on the show.

"I am quite outspoken and bring the bombshells to the show, so I think production will be ok with me coming back to the show. You never know what is going to happen. Me and Glynn might move to Cheshire, or Monaco or somewhere in the world so who knows what will happen," she shared.

Ester is now throwing her focus on her business ventures and spending quality time with her closest family.

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