Eamonn Holmes spills key to Prince Harry and William ending row

Eamonn Holmes jokes about complaints against GB News co-host

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Eamonn Holmes expressed his frustrations with the royal feud, urging Prince Harry to simply “go buy a pint” with Prince William and “get on with it” following months of aired complaints from the Duke of Sussex against his elder sibling. The GB News anchor said he “could not imagine” being estranged from his own brothers.

Speaking frankly on the ongoing royal fallout, Eamonn said: “I look at them and I think, ‘For God’s sake, dust yourselves down, go and buy a pint and get on with it.

“I honestly could never imagine not speaking with one of my brothers,” he added to Daily Mail

In his recent Express.co.uk column, Eamonn shared how he was dismayed to see Harry turn on his father’s wife Camilla in his new book, Spare.

Commenting on his remarks about Camilla, he continued: “I was also saddened to hear Harry direct so much anger towards his stepmother, Camilla.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Camilla on a number of occasions and she has never been anything other than completely charming, sociable, welcoming and very funny.

“It feels unfair to see her name dragged into all of this, especially when she has no chance of ever responding and putting her side across.

“No Royal journalist I have spoken to says she ever traded information. Harry says differently.”

Urging Harry not to release another book, he added on GB News: “Harry seemingly has little intention of staying silent.

“Over the weekend it was reported he even had enough material to write at least one other book.”

“A lot of what he put in the original book was taken out, he said.

“I’m sure he does have other material! All families have enough secrets, gossip and unspoken grudges to fill thousands of pages.

“But it doesn’t mean you have to write them down, or leave them dangling over your relatives’ heads like some kind of sword.”

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Just last year, Eamonn’s vocal critique of Prince Harry led to a deluge of complaints to Ofcom.

In an interview with American network NBC in April — ahead of the Queen’s jubilee — Harry had remarked on the Today show that he wanted to ensure his grandmother was “protected” and had “the right people around her”.

“Why wouldn’t they just throw him over the balcony and her [Meghan] with him?” Eamonn quipped on the following morning’s GB News. A social media uproar followed defending the royal couple.

It comes as Eamonn has returned back to the news frontline after being unwell.

At the moment, he is doing three days a week at GB News, but hopes to soon return full-time, although his focus for the immediate future is getting back on his feet.

He’s undergoing regular physio, as well as trying oxygen therapy to boost blood flow.

“It’s early days, but I think it’s helping,” he said.

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