Drinking too much Matt Tebbutt shares plans with wife as he takes Saturday Kitchen break

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt talks with Ronan Keating

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Matt Tebbutt has admitted he’ll be getting into the Christmas spirit early this year as he opened up about his celebrations. The Saturday Kitchen star shared how he will be celebrating with his beloved wife Lisa Tebbutt to Express.co.uk.

Matt has been the main host of the primetime BBC cooking show since James Martin left back in 2016.

However, many will be keen to know what he’ll be up to off-screen as he takes a break for Christmas.

The star has admitted in a new chat that there will be “too much” drinking in store this festive season.

Speaking about his plans: “My birthday is on Christmas Eve, so the celebrations start early in our house.

“It will be the usual case of eating too much, drinking too much and spending some quality time with friends and family.”

Matt has been married to his wife Lisa for more than 21 years, and they have two children together.

The couple used to run the restaurant Foxhunter together as well before they closed the eatery back in 2014.

The pair often share sweet updates about their lives on social media as well.

The TV chef has admitted he’s been practising dishes ahead of Christmas that his wife loves.

He continued: “I suppose I’m quite traditional with my cooking methods, I’m not overly fond of ‘quirky’ in food.

“‘Good ingredients, cooked simply’ is a bit of a motto of mine.

“I do like chef’s toys though. I’ve got a great soft-serve ice-cream maker that is just amazing and so easy to use.

“I’ve been practising mince-pie ice cream and, my wife’s favourite, rum and raisin ready for Christmas.”

Matt quipped: “Luckily, I’ve not had any Christmas cooking disasters, I hope this isn’t the first year for one.”

The star will be back on Saturday Kitchen today for his last show before the Christmas break.

He’ll be interviewing actor Stanley Tucci as he’s joined by chefs Gennaro Contaldo and Angela Hartnett.

After this, viewers won’t see the BBC show back until New Year’s Day.

The chef was speaking as part of a new campaign with the UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers to encourage people to make sustainable choices at Christmas.

One thing in particular that they’re aiming to do is encourage people to use mushrooms in their dishes.

Matt has created a series of recipes to try and promote the versatility of the vegetable.

For more information on sustainability and recipe inspiration, head to @mushroom.miles on Instagram.

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