Dr. Drew Says Addicts & Alcoholics Face Turbulent Time During Shutdowns

Dr. Drew says the coronavirus pandemic is creating dangerous sink or swim conditions for drug addicts and alcoholics.

The danger doesn’t come from the virus itself, instead, Drew tells us it’s the quarantines that have people hooked on booze or substances really going through it right now. He says many are relapsing due to a lack of personal communication and a face-to-face support system they may be used to during normal times.

Dr. Drew says that spells trouble for some, especially those just starting out in their journey to sobriety. He worries that the longer this goes on, the longer they’re more at risk to do harm to themselves.

On the flip side, there’s another type of addict who can emerge. He says some alcoholics and addicts actually thrive in situations like these, where their adrenaline is pumping and the stakes are high.

It’s interesting … a lot of AA meetings have, in fact, moved to digital platforms — but Drew says it’s really up to the individual in how they manage this separation from people. Funny enough, he also has a take on the fact liquor stores and weed shops are still open.

They’re considered essential businesses, and whether there’s any merit to it or not … Drew says there’s gotta be supplemental help if you’re gonna keep an addict’s fix within arm’s reach.

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