Do People Know If I Share Their Instagram Story? It Depends

As people become increasingly interconnected through social media, it’s becoming more common to not only share photos and videos from our own personal lives but to also share posts by friends and other accounts. On my own social media feeds, I’ve started to see an uptick in accounts posting content from other accounts — for example, Twitter accounts that solely retweet other tweets rather than post original content or Facebook pages that are filled with inspirational quotes or food videos shared from other pages. The phenomena is starting to creep into Instagram stories as well — I frequently find myself sharing pretty photos from other accounts or text-based posts with messages I believe in, but do people know if I share their Instagram Story? The answer depends on how you share.

There are three ways to share someone else’s Instagram Story. One way to do this is to directly post it on your Story from whichever account you’re sharing from, which you can only do if you’re tagged in that account’s Story. The second process is to screenshot their Story and post the screenshot to yours as an uploaded image, and the third is to directly send it to someone else via Instagram Direct Message.

In the first way, sharing a Story you’re tagged in, the person who tagged you in their Story will receive a notification that you’ve shared their Story in the same way you received a notification that they tagged you in their Story, so the answer is yes, they will be alerted. In the second way, sharing a screenshot of someone else’s Story, the person will not be notified that you took a screenshot or that you shared their Story. However, if the person follows you, they might come across it anyway if they watch your Story.

In the third way, Insta users can tap a little airplane icon on the bottom right side of someone else’s Story to direct message that Story to a friend. In that scenario, Instagram does notify the account owner whose Story you’re sharing that you’ve done so, according to

Though various Instagram analytics are kept somewhat under wraps, users do have access to who has seen certain posts. For example, all users have access to the people who have viewed their stories, although you can’t determine how many time’s someone has watched your Story or the specific time or order in which they watched it. People with business accounts can also see specific analytics details not available to regular accounts, like what times their accounts get the most engagement, where the account’s followers are primarily located, gender and age distribution of followers, and the days of the week followers are most active.

So if you want to make sure the person whose Story you’re sharing doesn’t see it, there are definitely ways around that, like taking a screenshot and sharing it to your Story and, if they follow you, hiding the Story from them. Just remember that if you’re sharing someone else’s work, it’s always important to credit the artist or writer, even if they can’t see the Story. Happy posting!

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