Coleen Nolans son quips he needs therapy amid Loose Women stars raunchy sex confessions

Loose Women: Coleen Nolan says she’s ‘mortified’

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Coleen Nolan’s son, Jake Roche, 29, has claimed jokingly that he will “need therapy” following some of his mum’s raunchy sex confessions. The Loose Women host has this week unveiled her new Tinder boyfriend, Michael Jones. 

The Emmerdale actor, on Wednesday, posted a short clip to TikTok, discussing his mother’s most recent updates on sex life with Michael. 

The star has thanked her 57 year old boyfriend for re-activating her sex life. 

She told OK! Magazine earlier this month: “It’s just lovely to know that I’m not dead from the waist down.” 

But Jake has joked he’s not been dealing well with his mother’s openness. 

The star has matched his mother’s blasé attitude towards sex with a sense of humour of his own. 

He took to TikTok and filmed himself answering a question asking him what it’s like to have celebrity parents.

He went on to perform a mock therapy session, in which he pretended to be a disturbed patient.

The star, pretending to be an imaginary therapist, said: “So, is there anything you’d like to talk about?”

Jake then exclaimed: “Is there anything I want to talk about? Erm, I don’t… erm…”

As he could be visibly seen thinking, a headline popped up on screen linked to Coleen’s sex boasts. 

He then jokingly concluded “Erm no, no actually there’s not,” ending the skit. 

The actor then shared the skit to his 102,300 Twitter followers, also tagging other celebrity friends such as Matty Healy, Roman Kemp and Shirlie Holliman. 

Jake is also half-brother to Ciara, 20, Coleen’s daughter whom she shares with ex-husband Ray Fensome. 

Coleen divorced Ray in 2018 after an 11-year marriage. 

Her new boyfriend, Michael, has stuck up for Coleen after allegations have come out in regards to Coleen’s bad character. 

Michael, however, stepped in and explained that she is “down to earth” and “generous.” 

He said: “You couldn’t meet a lovelier person.” 

It was recently reported that her co-stars refused to be present with her on TV. However, the stars of the show, ITV and Coleen have denied these reports. 

“It’s really frustrating having to see her explain situations that have got nothing to do with her,” he explained in an interview with OK! Magazine. 

He added: “The annoying thing is you couldn’t meet a lovelier person. She’s so generous and down-to-earth.”

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