Coachella's 'Spectra' Tower … Rainbow Brite!

Coachella is all about the trendy pics and that’s where the rainbow tower (aka “Spectra”) comes into play! You can bet on these stars to strike their finest pose in front of colorful Spectra, so enjoy the vibrant views and take some inspo. straight from the influencers!

Giving the good ol’ Ferris wheel a run for its money, makeup artist James Charles definitely knows his color wheel and highlighted the strapping figure for an IG post.

And doin’ it for the gram … the Culpo sisters, Olivia and Sophia, shined bright and were feelin’ just right in front of Spectra (peep the infamous Le Grande Wheel 😜).

And for those of you who aren’t hitting the desert this year, don’t fret because you now have a VIP pass to see this 7-story structure … journey through our gallery and wrap your head around all the Spectra stars …

Talk about a view!

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