Christopher Maloney nearly dies after contracting killer parasite from eating crispy duck pancakes

Former X Factor star Christopher Maloney has revealed he nearly died after eating a duck pancake from a Chinese takeaway.

The Celebrity Big Brother star told of his horrifying ordeal after the meal left him with a killer parasite and E. coli, leaving him hospitalised and fighting for his life.

The 42-year-old has also revealed that he’s been left with lifelong condition colitis of the colon and large intestine, a chronic condition that causes inflammation after a parasite embedded itself in his body.

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He told Mirror Online: “I nearly died. They were going to remove my colon and put me on a colostomy bag.

"I honestly nearly died, my organs were shutting down."

The illness came after he ordered a Chinese takeaway on Boxing Day, saying: “I ended up only eating the crispy duck and pancakes at about 7 o'clock.

"Then around 12.30am that was it, everything went downhill, I was literally on the floor and in the toilet, I was ill, it was just horrendous.

"I had fever, I had hallucinations and I couldn't sleep because I was constantly going to the toilet and vomiting, it was just horrendous."

Christopher revealed he was hospitalised for two weeks after being rushed by ambulance to Aintree Hospital with his mum by his side.

"I've had CT scans and abdominal X-rays, I've had colonoscopies and they confirmed it was campylobacter E. coli from the restaurant. It was like something you get in a third world country,” he explained.

“It's that bad that a parasite embedded itself into my large intestine and it's given me colitis of the colon and colitis of the large intestine which means that it's never going to go away, it's a lifelong condition that needs to be monitored for the rest of my life."

Because of the illness, Christopher has lost three stone after being unable to eat. He has now warned fans about the quality of takeaway meals.

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He said: "This place only had one star, or even half a star, but I used it anyway because it was convenient and nowhere else was open.

"But later when I looked at the reviews, loads of people said they'd felt ill after eating their food.

"The point is, you have to read the reviews because you think you're just ordering your favourite food, but really it can kill you."

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