Chris Packham apologises for ‘rude’ moment behind scenes on Springwatch ‘It’s tedious’

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Chris Packham, 59, has Asperger Syndrome and recently spoke on the podcast How Do You Cope? …. with Elis and John about certain difficulties of his condition. The Springwatch said that one of his main “problems” is struggling to not interrupt when people talk, as he can’t be “bothered to wait” for them to finish their sentence, as he already knows what they are going to say.

I can’t be bothered

Chris Packham

Chris said: “I had a list of things in my hotel room that are things like don’t interrupt people when they’re talking.

“One of the problems is that when a lot of people talk, it’s obvious what they are going to say before they say it.        

“Therefore I can’t be bothered to wait for them to say it, I’ll just interrupt them, and finish their sentence for them. 

“Or I’ll just move on to the next thing because I know where they’re going,” he added.

The naturalist admitted that it was “boring” having to wait for his colleagues to finish their sentences.

He continued: “It’s boring having to wait for a few sentences for them to get there, so my mum used to say it was, ‘Rude’.

“A lot of people find it really offensive and that’s something I still struggle not to do that now.”

It is particularly difficult for the star during meetings behind the scenes of the programme, as it can often feel “tedious” listening to lots of people talk.

Chris shared: “I do it occasionally at the meetings on SpringWatch, I apologise because I notice, and I catch myself doing it

“But it is quite hard sometimes, particularly in a meeting situation. It is remarkably tedious.”

Back in 2017, Chris starred in the documentary Asperger’s And Me on the BBC.

The star said that people can find him “weird” which is why he “lives in a wood”.

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Chris lives in a cottage in the New Forest and was not formally diagnosed with Asperger’s until 2005.

His fascination with the animals and the natural world paved the way to his television career but was to an extent fuelled by the obsessive aspect that comes from Asperger’s, he said.

Chris previously told Radio Times that he is content now with who he is as a person.

The Springwatch star divulged: “If there were a cure for Asperger’s, I don’t know if I’d want it. 

“Humanity has prospered because of people with autistic traits. 

“Without them, we wouldn’t have put man on the Moon or be running software programs. 

“If we wiped out all the autistic people on the planet, I don’t know how much longer the human race would last,” he added.

Chris has presented Springwatch and Autumnwatch since 2009.

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