Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host admits he’s on ‘thin ice’ with children amid family debate

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Chris Evans, 54, has four young children with wife of 20-years Natasha, and as they’re growing up he’s finding he needs to put more restrictions in place when it comes to screen time with the TV and tablets. He spoke freely about the rules that were implemented by his parents when he was younger, but considered investing in a family game that they can all play together.

I’m on semi-thin ice here but also semi-safe territory

Chris Evans

Speaking to his co-star Rachel Horne, Chris said: “We all watch telly.

“We had to be in bed before 9pm, no telly between 6pm and 7pm as my mum and dad had the news on.

“But the screen time now, it seems to be in bigger chunks, like two hours on a Saturday or half an hour here and there!” he exclaimed, noting how children’s TV has evolved over the years.

Asking Rachel if she thought he was going crazy, she agreed.

“Moderation is key,” she interjected.

“Screen time can be a really good thing!”

She explained how a situation where if children are out all morning doing activities, then come in on a rainy day and play a computer game with the family; it would be fairly acceptable, using Mario Kart as an example to her hypothesis.

“It’s a more animated version of monopoly,” she shrugged.

Chris nodded as he admitted: “I’m on semi-thin ice here but also semi-safe territory, as I know the kids aren’t listening because I know they’ll have been dropped off at 8am and they can’t hear what I’m saying.

“We are considering letting them have something like that this Christmas,” he admitted that he and Natasha have been in talks about how to control the screen time of their young ones.

Rachel added: “I think as long as you keep it in check and people keep having conversations about it and you listen to what they saying, and they listen to what you say, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it!”

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And while Chris revealed he may be on thin ice about the whole screen time debacle, the other week it was quite the opposite.

Recently, the radio DJ had a hilarious exchange with his seven-year-old son Eli, who noted that when he and his brothers and sister are around 18-years-old, their dad will have turned 71.

The harsh wake-up call left the host stunned as he recalled their conversation on-air.

“Tash and I were talking about this yesterday and about the fact we have twins,” he said at the time.

So when the twins are 18, I will be 71. I said this out loud over the dinner table last night and Eli said, ‘But dad you’ve had your life. It’s our turn now.'”

Shocked at the daunting prospect, Chris continued: “[I said] ‘Excuse me?’ before admitting, ‘He sort of has a point.”

But he noted he was very grateful to be the position to still have had children at his age.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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