Chris Evans: Gary Barlow teases Virgin Radio DJ for ditching phone ‘Have you got mates?’

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Chris Evans, 54, gave up his mobile when he joined Virgin Radio at the start of 2019. During his first breakfast show, he revealed he has ditched his phone for good and it was something Gary Barlow couldn’t get over.

How’s it worked out? Have you got any mates left?

Gary Barlow

The former BBC host gave up the technology as his New Year’s resolution, informing listeners at the time: “It’s not too late to discuss our New Year’s resolutions: I made two huge decisions.

“I no longer have a phone . . . I don’t have one. It’s not in my glove compartment in my car, it’s not locked away, I don’t have zero screen hours, then allow myself on later. I don’t have a phone any more.”

While many might have wondered how long it would last, Chris has been doing alright and hasn’t looked back since.

“I got rid of my phone on the 19th of January this year,” he said last year.

“I don’t have a phone or an e-mail. Right, so I have a lot more time. In fact I have the same amount of time it is just mine.”

He followed the likes of Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams and Elton John who also got rid of the communication device some may see as a necessity to modern life.

And among those people was Gary Barlow, who believed Chris had been ignoring his texts for the past two years.

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday’s show, the Take That frontman teased Chris for having no friends to talk to after he finally realised he was telling the truth about giving the phone up.

“I’ve got a question for you – do you not answer texts?” Gary demanded to know.

Chris replied: “I don’t have a phone!”

Gary paused before retorting: “What do you mean you don’t have phone?”

The DJ repeated: “I don’t have a phone Gary, that’s why I haven’t replied to any of your texts in 2019 and 2020, sorry!”

There was another slight pause on Gary’s end before he said: “Is that a joke or are you serious?”

Chris giggled: “No, I’m deadly serious. When I came here I got rid of my phone.”

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“Is that right?” Gary replied, sounding amazed.

“And how’s it worked out? Have you got any mates left?” he chuckled, poking fun at the host.

Chris saw the funny side and laughed: “I didn’t have many to start with to be honest!”

“What I though I’d do is make room for the ones that I had!”

Chris then revealed he felt “used” by his mobile after noting it went “eerily” quiet over the weekends as people only contacted him during the week.

“I was being used Gary, by the majority of people!”

Still in awe of the presenter’s will power to last two years without a phone, Gary said in disbelief: “That’s a brave move, no phone… wow.”

He then added: “I’m trying to wonder how my wife would feel about that!”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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