Carl Lentz Had 'More Than One Affair' & MORE From Bombshell Hillsong Leaked Audio!

When Carl Lentz, celebrity pastor and spiritual adviser to the stars, got fired from Hillsong Church last month for “moral failures” it wasn’t long before he did the right thing and came clean on Instagram. Only… did he really??

In a lengthy confessional caption on a family photo, the (now former) friend and adviser to Justin Bieber revealed he had cheated on his wife, writing:

“I was unfaithful in my marriage, the most important relationship in my life and held accountable for that. This failure is on me, and me alone and I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Yeah, about that full responsibility thing…

We learned pretty quickly about his affair, with a woman named Ranin Karim who came forward to share her side and even defend her married lover.

But now, thanks to leaked audio obtained by, we know Carl wasn’t telling us the full truth of the matter. See, he should have said he had multiple affairs. But maybe he thought he could sneak the rest by and the general public — heck, and God we guess — wouldn’t notice?

The new info comes from the recording of a meeting in which Hillsong executives and donors discussed the firing of the pastor — and detailed his misdeeds!

Church founder Brian Houston says clearly on the tape:

“It was more than one affair, they were significant. And at least some bad moral behavior had gone back historically, but not necessarily those affairs.”

Ooh, what’s the other “bad moral behavior”? Juicy stuff — though knowing this church would probably use that phrasing to describe homosexuality kind of puts a damper on our enticement.

What Houston does detail is how he found out about the cheating, apparently before Carl’s own wife! He explains:

“I can honestly say before God the first time I heard any moral complaint against Carl was when contacted me. Tolu had a conversation with one of the staff members, and that staff member had found a very compromising chain of text messages on Carl’s laptop or computer. And so that person went straight to Tolu. And Tolu, to her credit, the first thing she did was call me.”

Ah! A staffer accidentally saw some receipts about MULTIPLE affairs! Inneresting…

It wasn’t long before more came out, and Houston accuses the pastor of “general narcissistic behavior, manipulating, mistreating people, I think sometimes other hurtful things, the breaches of trust… constantly lying.”

Wow. That’s some bad behavior for a man of the cloth. (Though obviously if Lentz had put a conservative judge on the bench, we’re sure the flock could have overlooked all that, are we right?)

Houston also pointed out that Lentz’s narcissism made him “a difficult man to have any kind of direct conversation with, because it was always defensive, it would always be put back on the other person, as though they’re the ones with the problem.”

The execs went on to discuss how well they were treating Lentz and his family after the termination, describing a severance package that included providing help for Carl and his wife Laura Lentz to “work on their marriage”:

“We’re doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes, it’s not anything we’re going to promote publicly.”

We have indeed heard the Lentzes are in “intense” couples therapy to try to deal with Carl’s wayward rod and staff.

Look, if we’re being honest, we can’t say we didn’t suspect this…

The way his mistress spoke about their relationship, it certainly sounded like it was deep and meaningful connection to her. But if you read between the lines, you hear a lot about a man who approaches women with a fake job, a slick rap, and NO wedding ring. It didn’t sound to us like a good man who slipped this once, it sounded like an operator. Like a serial cheater.

We obviously don’t know how many affairs the man was carrying on, but it seems pretty clear Carl is not the penitent man he proclaims to be.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

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