Busy Phillips: My husband and I have an incredible division of domestic labor

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Busy Philipps spoke to Zuri Hall at Access Hollywood in a bit Access calls “Backstage Banter.” I don’t know where this backstage is, but I assume it was during her recording of the interview she did for Access that aired on Monday. We know that Busy has some new exciting project coming out this year but as of yet, all she’s promoting is her partnership with Hotel Tonight. Zuri asked Busy about her parenting routine and Busy said it was easier because she and her husband, Marc Silverstein, have equal parts when it comes to parenting. Here is the video, I’ll transcribe the division of labor bit below:

What is the busiest part of being a mom, when does it get to be, like, ‘woah’? Is it field trips, is it the weekends, is it mornings before school?
No, my husband does that. I sleep in. My husband and I have an incredible division of domestic labor that we’ve worked hard to achieve. When you have that, there’s no busiest time for a mom, because we parent together.

How often do you use the old, “go ask your dad”?
Oh, I do do that a lot. Its never Cricket, it’s always Birdy.

Division of labor is a very difficult balance to strike. I think much of it comes from the antiquated notion that mothers need to run the home, even if they work. But it’s just not fun. I have control issues and a superhero complex (both self-diagnosed, but I think you’d agree) so it was very hard for me to accept or ask for help with the daily routine. This was still true after I started working again because I worked at home. But now that I have, it’s made a huge difference. I think it’s great that Busy and her husband worked this out and knowing the process, it is work. I’m not going to praise Marc too much because this should be the norm in 2020.

Busy also said her advice for parents is to always have a large bag of snacks in the car. It’s sound advice, snacks help almost any situation. Keep some trail mix in the glove compartment for everyone’s sanity. The one rule Busy breaks in her home is no devices at the dinner table because, she said, “you have no idea what a blessing an iPad is.” I have to disagree with Busy here. My advice is to get your kids talking at the table as young as possible, whatever they want to discuss. It will pay off when they are teens and you need to know what’s going on with them, but they are less likely to tell you. I learn so much at the dinner table.

This is a silly aside, but I recognized that outfit Busy is wearing in the video. She posted this the other day and I thought it was kind of cute:

I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that this isn't the first time my outfit has matched in-n-out. 🍔

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