Britney Spears's dad 'sues the founder of #FreeBritney movement'

Britney Spears’s father Jamie is reportedly going after the people who started the #FreeBritney movement.

Jamie has reportedly filed a defamation lawsuit against Anthony Elia, the alleged leader of the #FreeBritney movement and the creator of the singer’s biggest fansite

According to TMZ, the lawsuit takes issues with Instagram posts accusing Jamie, who’s still Britney’s sole conservator (legal guardian), and her team of acting against her ‘human rights’.

They say they have been falsely accused of ‘using her social media in a way to negatively portray her and do her harm.’

They now accuse Anthony of ‘creating the illusion that Britney needs help’ by spreading rumours that Britney is not allowed to drive her own car or use her phone.

All of this, they argue, was based on a ‘gut feeling’ while they say they have evidence, like pictures of Britney driving her car, directly the contradicting the claims. has contacted the makers of Absolute Britney, as well as representatives for Britney Spears.

Earlier this month, Britney and her family were granted a permanent restraining order against Sam Lutfi, a former manager that was accused of supporting the #FreeBritney movement.

The #FreeBritney movement began around the same time that Britney checked in for 30-day recovery at a rehabilitation centre in April.

It sparked protests from her fans suggesting that Britney did not go to the wellness centre of her own accord and therefore demanding her release.

The protest, outside City Hall in West Hollywood, was live streamed on YouTube and prompted the start of an online campaign that is still ongoing.

Britney’s conservatorship is now the subject of a thorough investigation by a judge in LA.

The singer herself has prompted the review, with the support of her mum Lynne who is demanding access to her daughter’s medical records.

Britney’s father Jamie has been her sole conservator since 2008, the year in which Britney was placed on psychiatric hold.

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