Boyfriend Allegedly Kills Influencer & Shares Dead Body Photos Online

Police in Utica, N.Y., said 17-year-old Bianca Devins, a fixture on the video-sharing site Tik Tok, was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Brandon Clark, who then posting the photos online, prompting concerned fans to call the police.

As officers responded to the grisly crime scene on Sunday morning, July 14, Clark, 21, stabbed himself in the neck and laid down on the influencer’s body, which he had placed on a green tarp outside her home.

Clark then pulled out a cell phone and took “selfies” lying across the dead teen, police claimed.

After a struggle, cops disarmed Clark and took him to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. He is expected to survive.

Police noted the couple first met on Instagram about two months ago and developed a relationship.

However, according to reports, Devins and Clark got into an argument while driving from New York City back to Utica over the weekend. Once home, the fight blew up, and, claimed police,  “the male produced a large, black handled knife, and used this to inflict the injuries that caused [Devins’] death.”

Clark then allegedly took photos of the dead girl and distributed them online.

In a statement, Devins’ family said they are “grateful for the outpouring of love and sympathy”  they have received since the tragedy unfolded.

“Bianca…was a talented artist, a loving sister, daughter, and cousin, and a wonderful young girl, taken from us all too soon,” the statement read. “She is now looking down on us, as she joins her cat, Belle, in heaven. Bianca’s smile brightened our lives. She will always be remembered as our Princess.”

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