Bleeding for a week Pregnant Dancing On Ice star Brianne Delcourt suffers haemorrhage

Dancing on Ice: Kevin Kilbane proposes to Brianne Delcourt

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Brianne Delcourt had thought she was doing everything right after a previous difficult pregnancy with her daughter Olivia. However a terrifying complication was later revealed that would send the Dancing On Ice star’s heart plunging into her mouth.

I was bleeding for a week!

Brianne Delcourt

“We found out I had an haemorrhage and it was right by the placenta,” she has revealed.

“I was bleeding for a week!”

The “extremely worried” star went to see a doctor, assuming the worst, as bleeding can often indicate a miscarriage.

She was initially reassured by doctors that it can be “normal” to experience bleeding and was sent home, only for a follow-up to reveal more traumatic news.

Even worse, due to the demands of her existing children, she was virtually incapable of prolonging the much-needed rest.

“Mine had got bigger and I was in a lot of pain,” she confessed in conversation with OK! magazine.

“They put me on bed rest but that only lasted a day as it’s pretty hard to do nothing when you’ve got two kids.”

The skater continued: “It was an extremely worrying time and it was way before 12 weeks, so it was really scary.”

Thankfully, when she returned for another appointment, she was told the situation had stabilised and the bleeding had “cleared up”.

“They said it could have been a slight injury from when I didn’t know I was pregnant as I was doing things like water-skiing,” the lover of active sports confessed.

“I constantly bled every day for three weeks.”

Anxious Brianne, who admitted she hadn’t even known what a haemorrhage was until she discovered she was suffering from one, is now “dreading” her inevitable third C-section.


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She explained that concerned doctors had felt it would be “safer” to deliver that way in the past, and speculated that this could be due to her small size.

“The recovery time [from my C-section with Olivia] is still fresh in my mind, so I’m already dreading this one,” she revealed.

“They say the third C-section is the worst one!”

After her last delivery, she had been bed-ridden for “eight weeks” without much mobility, so she can only keep her fingers crossed that the next one will run as smoothly as possible.

The “super-emotional” star had learnt of her third pregnancy just five months after her second child was born, so events had moved fast.

Besides their children, she and husband, former footballer Kevin Kilbane also share a puppy called Cash.

He is named after the singer Johnny Cash, who the pair previously had a habit of listening to together during date nights early in the relationship.

Although she will be 41 by the time the baby arrives, Brianne remains passionate about children and hasn’t ruled out the idea of adding a fourth to their brood.

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