Blake Lively Calls Herself a ‘Barefoot iPhone Doodler’ After Her Voting Photo Goes Viral

Blake Lively went viral today after she and Ryan Reynolds shared photos of them with their election ballots… but there was a big difference in the two photos.

In the photo that Ryan shared on his account, Blake is seen going barefoot. In the photo that she shared, she has drawn-on Christian Louboutin high heels.

In another photo that Ryan shared on his Instagram Stories, Blake has drawn-on boots and she reposted the story and said “…I don’t see the issue.”

Blake then posted a closeup of the drawn-on boots and said, “Christian Louboutin, are you hiring? Barefoot iPhone doodler with vast experience avail. Impressive resume upon request.”

In another story, Blake showed off her full outfit and said, “Can you tell I was so happy to get outta a onesie and vote. Sure it was an absentee drop off ballot with a mask covering my look. But dammit I exercised my right to vote. And to not wear shoes that ruined my outfit.”

Did you see how fans have dream-cast Blake and Ryan in a movie that hasn’t even been developed yet?!

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