Bhad Bhabie Mistaken for Cardi B as She Shows Dramatic Makeover

Sharing a TikTok video in which she mimics someone bragging about making the most money, the ‘Miss Understood’ rapper debuts her new look which makes her look more mature.

AceShowbiz -Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli is completely unrecognizable in her latest social media update. The 18-year-old star was mistaken for another raptress as she got a drastic makeover after sharing a new video on her Instagram page.

Making use of her account on the photo-sharing platform, the Boynton Beach-born star reposted her TikTok video in which she debuted her new look. In the clip, she rocked a long brunette wig with blonde highlights which was styled in loose waves. She also sported full makeup.

She had her hands full of cash while carrying several Channel bags. The “These Heaux” hitmaker also mimicked someone who bragged about making the most money. “Gee… I sure do look like the disappointment of the family. But isn’t it funny how I make the most f**king money? Sit down! Don’t f**king look at me like that! And next time you open your mouth, shut it!” the audio was heard saying.

After seeing Bhabie’s look in the video soon, many soon drew comparison between the young star and Cardi B. “Cardi b is that you,” one asked in disbelief. Another seemingly mistook the former “Dr. Phil” star for the “WAP” raptress as writing, “Damn I thought that was cardi b.”

A third noted, “She’s looking like Cardi,” and another similarly remarked, “I thought this was Cardi B.” Someone commented, “She turning into cardi b or I’m tripping,” while one other thought that Bhabie looks “like a kardashian now.”

There were, however, some naysayers who were against Bhabie’s transformation, with one saying, “She was more pretty before.” Another claimed, “She looks like a drag queen,” while another echoed the sentiment, “Looking like a drag queen lol.” Someone else said, “Looks nothing like you.”

Defending the star, one fan added in the comments section, “You look so freakin good omg. You look stunning an perfect. Dont let no haters or family tell you different. Your amazing an loved an perfect.”

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