Bette Midler speaks out on Texas' recently-enacted abortion bill

Bette Midler BLASTS the Republican Party and suggests that women should ‘refuse to have sex with men’ in protest of Texas’ recently-passed abortion bill

Bette Midler has taken to her Twitter account to protest Texas’ recently-enacted abortion bill.

The 75-year-old actress has been very active on the social media platform over the past few days and has made several statements to express her dissatisfaction over the highly controversial political action.

The Primetime Emmy-winning performer notably remarked that women should withhold sex until the bill is overturned. 

Speaking out: Bette Midler suggested that women should withhold sex from men in protest of Texas’ recently-enacted abortion bill; she is seen in 2019

‘I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress,’ she wrote.

Midler also expressed that the controversial bill was passed in an effort to control the female population in Texas.

‘This isn’t about guns, speech, money or war. It’s about women, their lives, their bodies and their autonomy. That’s what allowed the court to do shoddy work, with careless disregard, because who’s going to stop it?’

She also decried the speedy manner in which the bill was passed and expressed that she saw the actions as being done in complete disregard for women in Texas. 

Letting everyone know: The Primetime Emmy-winning actress made the bold statement, as well as various others, through her Twitter account

Opinion: The actress pointed out that the decision to pass the bill was made in an effort to limit the rights of ‘women, their lives, their bodies and their autonomy’

Pointing the finger: Midler placed much of the blame on Texas’ Republican Party and expressed that they passed the bill ‘in the dead of night without care or effort’

‘They only did the thing in the dead of night, without care or effort, because they believe women are so used to being gaslit that of course, they’ll just tolerate it.’

Milder noted that Texas’ Republican Party drafted and passed the bill ‘without care or effort because they genuinely believe that they’re only women, and they deserve what they get.’

The Grammy-winning artist then remarked that, in her opinion, there was a glaring racial component to the bill.

She wrote that ‘the #GOP’s plot is to keep certain people back on their heels for life. All women, but Black women especially. Because if nobody held Black women back, what would happen then?’

Another look: Midler went on to remark that she saw a racial component to the bill itself 

The For the Boys star then noted that the majority of Republican officials in Congress would likely be voted out if African-American women were treated equally.

‘If Black women were given their full power, old white men would be over,’ she noted.

Midler pointed out that, despite the various ongoing crises currently plaguing the United States, Texas’ Republican Party passed the bill in a tone-deaf manner. 

‘The cruelty of the #GOP is endless. We are suffering COVID-19, hurricanes, apocalyptic flooding, wildfires from hell, joblessness, homelessness, evictions, racial strife,’ she wrote.

Bad timing: She also blasted the decision to pass the bill despite various other crises occurring all over the United States

The performer expressed that now was a ‘hideous time to pile on yet another shock to women, by taking away their right to choose.’

Midler then decried the difference between individuals who chose to turn a blind eye to the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation in which Texas’ female residents have been placed.

She wrote, ‘Why do #antivaxxers and #antimaskers get to live the “my body, my choice” life, but pregnant women are not allowed to? How is this fair?’ 

The performer also opined that the state’s legislators were attempting to create a Caucasian majority in the state in addition to ensuring that communities of minorities stayed in poverty. 

Looking to the future: Midler also expressed that, if racial equality existed in the United States, ‘old white men would be over’

‘Some say it’s Texas’ way of keeping black and brown women poor. I say it’s also because they want WHITE women to keep replenishing the stock,’ she wrote.

Earlier this year, the state’s governor, Greg Abbott, signed a bill that prohibits women from ending pregnancies after just six weeks at the earliest.

Private citizens will be able to sue abortion providers after what is described as a ‘heartbeat’ is formally detected.

The highly restrictive law was passed this past May and took effect this month.

Harsh view: The performer also expressed that the bill was enacted in an effort to create a Caucasian majority in Texas; she is seen in 2020

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