Bella Thorne Opened Up About Her Sexuality and Said She Recently Realized She's Pansexual

In 2016, Bella Thorne came out as bisexual when someone on Twitter asked her about her sexuality. But in a just-aired interview, the actress said she actually just realized that she identifies as pansexual after someone explained it to her.

Bella sat down with ABC News to talk about why she chose to leak her own nudes, her father’s death, learning how to read, and her new book. She also revealed, “I’m actually pansexual and I didn’t know that.” She added, “Somebody explained to me really thoroughly what that is and I am pan.”

BTW, pansexuality “is the sexual, romantic, emotional, physical or spiritual attraction to people, regardless of their specific gender identity or sexual expression.” Identifying as pansexual means you don’t focus on gender and can be attracted to anyone, no matter how they identify. Bella also added, that “it’s literally you like personality. You just like a being.” Whereas bisexuality is described as “an umbrella term used to describe a romantic and/or sexual orientation towards more than one gender.” (Other celebrities who are pansexual include Miley Cyrus and Janelle Monae.)

As for who and what she finds sexy, Bella simply said, “I like sexy. I like sexy girls, I like sexy guys, I like sexy in general.”

This past year, Bella’s been linked to YouTube star Tana Mongeau, singer Benjamin Mascolo, and rapper Mod Sun, who she actually apparently married before breaking up with him.

Also in this interview, Bella made sure to point out the difference between who she actually is and her public persona. She explained, “I literally refer to Bella Thorne as this persona who’s like this redhead like ‘ooo I’m Bella Thorne, I’m crazy! And ah, I’m a wild child, and whatever.” For her, the real Bella is the one she talks about in her book, Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray.

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